Insomniac Elf

April 2nd, 2009
Posted By: James Kochalka

So, you might remember that last week, while sick with a fever, I invented & played a videogame in my dreams.  Well, yesterday, a fan sent me a working version of the game from my dream, absolutely blowing my mind.  There’s no sound in the game (but there wasn’t an sound in my dream either).  You control “me”… which, as in my dream, is a variation on Link from The Legend of Zelda.  While adventuring, members of my family can join the team… there’s my wife Amy, my 5 year old son Eli and my 1 year old son Oliver.  It’s amazing.

You can download the actual game here.  This is a pretty crazy feedback circle:  I dreamed the video game, I drew a comic about the dream, a guy made the game based on my dream, and then I drew a comic about the game.

It only works on PC.  I have a mac though, and I was really desperate to try it.  I found that I could run it on my mac using a program called Crossover, for which I downloaded a free demo.  It works great.