DIGITAL ELF is here!

August 5th, 2009
Posted By: James Kochalka


My new album, Digital Elf is finally here.  15 new songs by James Kochalka Superstar in my awesome 8-bit chiptune style, all composed and performed on the GameBoy Advance.  Available for sale at Pure Pop in Burlington, Vt or at their website.  Songs include: Dragon Puncher, Old North Ender, Beyonce, Snuggle Me Loose, Bacharach Galactica, Little Baby Kitten, Super Beauty, BLOG, Robot Shark, Golden Eagle, Super Skunk, BOYS, Vneck, Square Bear, and Friend of the Wolf.

UPDATE: I don’t think Pure Pop is still selling the disc online, I coudn’t find it on the site anymore.  But you can buy the album on iTunes and you can buy the physical disc at Top Shelf.